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Hotel / Resort – Asset Management

Within a Branded Hotel our role will be make the Owner & the Brand understand each other’s vision / mission and sing the same song, to achieve enhanced ROI. Whilst for a NON Branded (Standalone Hotel) we bring the knowledge bank to the kitty and act as a catalyst to achieve the desired results in a short span of time, by influencing & accelerating the process of decision making.

By looking into all processes that allow hotel owners to maximize value, minimize costs and ensure the smooth running of the hotel operations. We represent the interests of hotel owners and assist them in various phases of an asset’s lifecycle. With the help of the market network and market intelligence, we bring the latest hospitality industry trends and uncover new opportunities for financial improvement.

  • Operational Analysis & Review – Determine areas where the property is performing well and areas that are in need of improvements. The report helps hotel owners in important decision-making regarding their financial performance, renovation requirements, staffing, etc.

  • Property Repositioning Analysis – Regular analyses determine how the hotel is positioned in the market from the perspective of the customer and from the perspective of the hotel’s brand management.
  • Property Planning & Development – Evaluate potential investment returns and conduct a detailed analysis of future market trends.

  • Risk Evaluation – Identify key hotel risks and develop strategies to mitigate their efforts. A team of professionals with expertise in different areas address / showcase the hotel owners how to invest successfully and make more money.

Pre-Opening Advisory Support

  • Concept Development
  • Review of the drawings & giving inputs to increase the Operational efficiencies

  • Market Analysis & Brand Positioning

  • Facility Planning, BOH & Kitchen Designing

  • Procurement Advisory Support

  • Assistance in Manpower sourcing ( GM + HOD Level only )

  • Development of SOP’s for all Operational Departments

  • Pre-Opening Training support and implementing Brand Standards

  • Menu Engineering & Food Trials

  • MIS Structuring / Budget Forecast

  • Developing Marketing & Sales Plans

  • Hotel / Resort Launch

Post-Opening Advisory Support

  • On-going Monitoring of Hotel Operating Process as per the SOP & Brand Standards.

  • Mentoring & Coaching the Hotel GM (Business Unit Head) & HOD Team, to achieve the Projected Results / Budgets

  • Setting up a Brand Quality Audit system.

  • Creating Succession Plans for the Team, by way of regular Staff Performance Reviews

  • Identifying Revenue Management opportunities to maximize the ROI by improving the market positioning focusing on top line such as – RevPar,  APC, GOP.

  • Continuous Monitoring of the MIS (Management Information System) Reporting.

  • Monitor maintenance of the asset to ensure its upkeep to the best of the industry standards