Pre-Opening Support / Consultancy (Hotels / Restaurant/ Bars/Food Courts)2019-04-12T15:29:07+00:00

Pre-Opening Support / Consultancy (Hotels / Restaurant/ Bars/Food Courts)

The first year of a hotel / resort / restaurant is fundamental for its positioning. An organized opening of the hotel assures a greater efficiency of service and guest satisfaction and as consequence they assure better cost effectiveness, revenue opportunities and operating projects.

Hotel Pre Opening Planning
  • Brief Feasibility study (revenue verses expense)
  • Hotel /Resort/Restaurant and facilities brief
  • Consulting / inputs during design and build stages of the project
  • Development of pre-opening and manning budgets and working capital guidelines
  • Developing of food and beverage operating concepts
  • Supervision of kitchen layout designs
  • Identification, hiring, training of unit / department heads / supervisory level team
  • Recommendations on sourcing of all necessary operating equipment FOH / BOH
  • Development and implementation of marketing, advertising, public relations and sales plan